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        Kelec Pro-Building Ltd. is a well known manufacturer of building hardware products in China which was founded in 2005. What we are doing is to provide the office or home building with modern  hardware decorations. Developing, producing and marketing most of the building hardware such as glass fittings, door closer, floor spring , glass swing door, office partition, door lock and handle, shower enclosure fittings and aluminium extrusion profiles for door, window and office desk screen.


      Most of the products are designed by 3D Methods and produced or processed under computer numerical control (CNC) body molding, CNC product synthesis, CNC lathe tooling, CNC laser cutting, CNC painting and finishing, CNC laser sculpting, and computerized laboratory testing.


     Under the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System and armed with the advanced equipment and skillful developing staff, we will continuously provide our customer with new styles and high quality products. OEM and ODM orders are welcome. Most important thing is that there is no need huge quantity to start an order, this will be easier for our customers to expand the market.



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